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Vicky has been supporting me with my illness of ME for approx 7 years and without her advice, knowledge and understanding of this debilitating illness, I know I wouldn't have the quality of life I have now. I've gone from being house bound, unable to drive, unable to look after myself and my daughter and being forced to give up my career to being employed part-time, driving longer distances all the time and generally being able to enjoy some quality of life. When I do have a 'blip' with the ME, Vicky always gets me back on the right path with her advice and suggestions. Vicky is so friendly and I always feel totally at ease talking to her. Thank you Vicky.

JW June 2019


Vicky offers a very supportive helpful service . I was supported by Vicky as an adult with ME , helping me to look at pacing and my work life balance and then also supported my son to understand his ME diagnosis and supported school to understand and work with his condition .

DW May 2019


Vicki has so much knowledge about ME, it was amazing to speak to someone who actually understands the condition and could answer my questions and give advice on how to manage things. 

SP Feb 2018


So glad this service is available near to us. I am now back at work and my employer is supporting me with reasonable adjustments following Vicki's advice. Thankyou so much.

SW Nov 2017


Thankyou so much for your input over the last 2 years. Our son is now back in school and is catching up on all that he missed while he was unwell. We are so grateful for your advice and guidance, it was such a scary time but you explained everything and kept us calm! 

LD Nov 2017


I would recommend anyone with fibromyalgia to have a couple of sessions with Vicki. I had been struggling for 5 years and didnt understand what I could do to make things better. Now I feel like I understand what fibromyalgia is and why my symptoms were changing so much and I know what I can do to keep things stable. I cant believe what a difference it has made to how I can manage things each day. 

PW Sept 2017


Vicky is amazing. Her patience, understanding and knowledge has helped me turn my life back around. Not sure where Id be without her support and guidance.

KB June 2017.













Based in Co Durham we are a Physiotherapy assessment and rehabilitation service for people in the North East of England.  We also specialise in the treatment and management of patients who suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME, Fibromyalgia 
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