CFS/ME in children and young people

CFS/ME is very common in children and young people and has been recorded as one of the most common causes of long term absence from school. As with adults, there is no test to diagnose the condition and so diagnosis is made by excluding all other potential causes of the symptoms.

The DoH NICE Guidelines (2007) state that all children and young people under the age of 18 must be diagnosed by a Paediatrician. Castle Dene Fatigue Clinic is able to see any child that has been medically assessed by a Paediatrician and has a confirmed diagnosis of CFS/ME, and we can also carry out assessments and give advice if your child is waiting to be seen by a Paediatrician and you would like advice regarding early management and strategies to begin to reduce symptoms and improve levels of activity. 


Main aims of intervention in children with CFS/ME:


The education and symptom management strategies are very similar to that required by adults with CFS/ME, however one of the biggest concerns when children become chronically unwell is the difficulty maintaining access to education in order to keep up with the required curriculum. At Castle Dene Fatigue Clinic we have experience in dealing with children diagnosed with CFS/ME from the age of 4 upwards and are able to tailor our advice and management strategies depending on the age of the young person. We can then work with their parents and family to support the child, helping them to understand their condition and gain control over their symptoms. 


We also have experience supporting young people through both primary and secondary school; analysing and amending timetables and liaising with schools regarding timetable reduction, rest periods in the school environment and useful additions such as lift passes and lunch passes to avoid standing in queues.  We can provide the necessary letters required by the school so they can apply to exam boards for special measures during GCSE and A Level examinations. 


We are able to provide written support to be submitted with university applications and often advise the Student Disability Services within universities regarding special measures they can put in place to support students during their academic studies.


If you have a child who has a diagnosis of CFS/ME please get in touch with us if you would like more information about how we may be able to help. Unfortunately NHS services for children with CFS/ME are very limited and vary hugely in different parts of the country, with many young people diagnosed with CFS/ME being left with very little health education, advice or support.

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